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Wetsuit Thickness & Temperature Chart *

Finding the best men wetsuit is not always easy. You need to find the good thickness but also a wetsuit that will fit you and allow you a great freedom on the board. If you are a pro surfer you already know that but if not, some help is always welcomed. So here is our little guide to help you make the right decision. You need to pay attention to the ocean’s temperature and to the season you’d like to use your wetsuit. If you are lucky enough to live a few steps from the ocean, then you will need different wetsuits. At least a summer wetsuit and one for fall/winter. But if you only get the chance to go surfing during your holidays in Indonesia or any other warm and exotic destination, then your needs will be different. So here is what you need to know.

  • 2/2mm neoprene wetsuits : This is Vissla’s lightest wetsuit, perfect for spring. You can use it on your surfboard when the water is quite cool, between 19 and 23° C. The thickness is similar everywhere and offers a good stretch movement. Vissla has different collections of 2/2mm wetsuits, all with a chest-zip entry to offer you the best choice. If the water is warmer, you can choose among our tops and lycras.
  • 3/2 wetsuits : Perfect for a colder water around 16- 18º, it will get you warm enough. 3-2mm wetsuits are available in our 7 Seas, High Seas and Easy Seas collections and are perfect for mid-season.
  • 4/3 wetsuits : Offering a thickness of 4mm on the back, the chest and 3mm on the arms, the 4/3 mm wetsuits are great for all season. They provide enough warm for cold water but even if the temperature is nice, it can be worn in another season. The fabric gives a good fit, a light wetsuit with great flexibility. Seven Seas, High Seas and North Seas have 4/3mm wetsuits.
  • 5mm and more : Ok now we are getting serious because the water is getting really cold. What you need is a full winter wetsuit, either hooded or not. Our North Seas wetsuit offers you the best warmth with a full body fever fiber lining and an improved flexibility. Our other collections will suit you as well to protect you from the cold water and still allow great movement.
*This is an estimated guide to help you chose your wetsuits. If you are in doubt take an even thicker wetsuit to be warmer.

23º + Rashguard 0.5mm N/A
23º-21º Wetsuit Jacket 1-2mm N/A
23º-21º Short John 2mm 7 Seas
21º-19º Spring Suit
7 Seas
21º-19º Long John
7 Seas
21º-19º L/S Spring Suit
7 Seas or High Seas
21º-19º S/S Full Wetsuit
7 Seas
18º-16º Full Wetsuit 3/2mm
7 Seas, High Seas, North Seas
Optional 3mm Booties
Full Wetsuit 4/3mm 7 Seas or High Seas, North Seas 3mm Booties
Optional 3mm Hood
12º-10º Hooded Full Wetsuit 4/3mm or 5/4mm 7 Seas or North Seas 5mm Booties
Optional 3mm Gloves
9º-7º Hooded Full Wetsuit 5/4mm 7 Seas or North Seas 5mm Booties
5mm Gloves
7º & Below Hooded Full Wetsuit 6/5mm North Seas

7mm Booties
7mm Gloves

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