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Wetsuit Care

Wetsuit care instructions

Our wetsuits are made to resist. The 100% I-Foam neoprene and the dope-dyed fabric we use ensure an amazing flexibility and an anti-fade stretch jersey. But you still need to treat your wetsuit well all the time. Follow those advice on how to take care of your wetsuits and it will last longer : 

  • Rinse it thoroughly inside and out with fresh water after each surf session. It can seem to be annoying but it's the best way to get it all clean. Otherwise sand and salt may get stucked and slowly damage your surfsuit. Please don't machine wash it.
  • Hang dry your wetsuit in a cool shaded area and don't tumble it dry. You need to avoid hanging in direct sun light. It would be a shame to have the sun rays damage the color or the fabric.
  • When changing, try to no stand on the wetsuit. Yes we know it can seem to be obvious but really, it will keep the quality of your bestie for a longer time.
  • If you don't use your wetsuit for a long time, store it correctly, not inside out. And make sure before your wetsuit is dry.

  • You are the luck owner of a Japanese Wetsuit from our collab with Axxe ? Check out our dedicated video as well to get some tips.


    We offer our customers a special warranty :

  • 1 year from original purchase date on all seams.
  • 1 year from original purchase date on neoprene.
  • Your took great care of your wetsuit but there is something wrong ? Fill out our warranty form here and send it back with your product if it matches the warranty conditions.

    Download Warranty Form

    Please make sure that you are shipping to the right address.

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