Vissla makes technical and eco-friendly surfing wetsuits for great freedom of movement. Discover our wide collection created for all water conditions and get ready for your next surf session.

      93 products

      93 products

      Benefits of our mens wetsuits

      Our goal: Offering all surfers an amazing wetsuit with technical assets, whatever their levels. Meaning ensuring the movement’s ease and a great comfort with a cozy warmth. All our neoprene wetsuits have an anatomically engineered body lines with minimal seams allow for unrestricted performance and warmth. You can find an easy access secure key cord on each wetsuit. And we try to prevent knee damage with a pad, made of upcycled Supratex abrasion. It’s resistant for flexibility and strength. Discover our wetsuits collections :

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      • Easy Seas : this is our entry level surfing fullsuit with a back zip entry.
      • 7 Seas : basically our everyday suit. They are durable, warm and flexible, all that with a good price.
      • High Seas wetsuits : Made with the most flexible high-performance jersey, this mens wetsuits' collection offers the softest and stretchiest feeling like a second skin. And they allow an unrestricted range of motion.
      • Our North Seas wetsuits are especially made with ultimate warmth for the coldest conditions.
      • Our Premium Japanese wetsuit, born from our collaboration with the Axxe artisans. It offers a real custom 100% Japanese neoprene with a Hybrid U-Zip entry to prevent flushing, a black premium thermos torso lining for warmth and a GBS technique for maximum seam seal and performance.


      Eco-friendly neoprene

      At Vissla, we pay attention to the environment protection. So we decided to make only eco-friendly wetsuits. And the good thing is that using respectful materials brings also other benefits to the fabric and for you surfers ! We only use earth mined limestone in the neoprene. It’s natural and gives a stretcher, lighter, warmer and softer wetsuit. All the jersey material is made using a dope dyed fabric. It reduces energy consumption and it’s solvent free and even softer.


      Wetsuits thickness

      When temperatures are pretty good, the water is usually good as well. So during summer, you can usually get a 2/2 spring suit. Vissla 2/2 wetsuits are especially made for cool water between 17 - 20° C / 62 - 68° F. You can wear either a full wetsuit with short sleeves or a long sleeve spring wetsuit. If the water is around 13 - 18° C / 56 - 65° F, you can wear a 3-2 mm men wetsuit. 4-3 full wetsuits can also get you covered with a water temperature between 11 - 14° C / 51 - 58° F. You are planning to surf in a cold water? Discover our 5mm and 5-4-3mm neoprene wetsuits. And we recommend you pair it with booties and gloves to keep you nice and toasty in the frigid waters!