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Style matters

As surfing makes its way forward amongst global communities, shifting
cultures, and attempts at becoming a consumable ‘sport’, one ultimate
mystique still remains: style. While progession continues and surfing’s
immeasureable lure spreads further and further, we’re pausing to remind
us all that Style Matters

Style matters digital contest

Vissla is stoked to announce STYLE MATTERS – a digital video entry contest that’s meant to bring style to the forefront amongst progression in surfing. With this, we hope to see legends, modern icons, up & comings, and unknowns come to the surface for a chance to win $10k & a Gerry Lopez Pipeliner Surfboard.

TO ENTER, post your most stylish wave to #VisslaStyleMatters AND submit your video file in the entry form below.


All entries must be from a wave surfed/ filmed between September 1st, 2022 and September 1st, 2023.

One wave ridden start to finish.

All surfboard types.

All ages.

Can submit up to 6 entries.

Posted on Instagram and tagged with #VisslaStyleMatters and file submitted through Style Matters entry form on


1st Place | $10,000 + Gerry Lopez Board
2nd Place | $5,000
3rd Place | $2,500

Gerry Lopez

Thomas Campbell

Craig Anderson

Kai Neville

Brad Gerlach

How to enter

Enter using our entry form at the bottom of this page
( Submit a single wave clip via a youtube link
that is shareable, downloadable & can be embedded on our website.