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Vissla’s Team Manager, Photographer and all around creative guru Corban Campbell along with our very own Vissla Photographer Jeremiah Klein just launched a Kickstarter to launch their new photobook ‘Tourists’.


Traveling photographers, Jeremiah Klein and Corban Campbell, create a book of evocative, dueling images from their travels near and far.

Beyond the red-eye flights, grueling bus-rides, excess baggage and faded passports a traveler’s nature is often defined by transition. But to locals and residents of these destinations, is there a difference between foreigner and tourist? Perhaps. Tourists take photos.

Indeed, traveling offers us a unique and full-sensory view into the world’s diverse landscapes and perspectives. The pages of Tourists contain such views in the form of photographs captured by Jeremiah Klein and Corban Campbell — evidence of their own singular perspectives in dozens of spaces across our world.

With the two artists’ work juxtaposed on opposite pages, Klein’s photographs give us a profound look at the earth’s extraordinary aquatic bends and folds, the stark intimacy of human interaction and the brilliance of untouched natural surfaces.

Simultaneously, Campbell’s photographs offer an obscure take on ordinary moments, evoking beauty otherwise overlooked by anyone else. With the uncanny ability to manufacture a moment from the mundane, Campbell’s work motivates one to search for meaning in the doldrums of the day.

Evocative, modern and subtly exotic, Tourists is a collection of photographs that reflect two photographers’ personalities through intentional and accidental metaphors. Images of two rivaling perspectives finding harmony within the journey’s happenstance.

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